Joanna Gislason

Joanna Gislason

Joanna is a founding partner of Caroline + Gislason lawyers LLP and Radica Inc

Joanna is a lawyer and leadership advisor specializing in the areas of human rights, labour relations and public interest law.

She is a trusted confidential advisor to leaders of progressive organizations as well as an experienced and effective advocate for individuals.

She is also a compassionate and skilled mediator (Harvard University, US Department of Justice), change consultant, facilitator and coach.

Through Caroline + Gislason’s sister firm Radica Inc, Joanna conducts mediations, workplace investigations and strategic planning processes as well as a wide range of training programs. Her experience as a trainer has included leading conflict resolution workshops for women’s organizations in Rwanda and Darfur as well as a broad range of training programs for stewards, union staff and leadership in Canada.

Joanna has a BA with an emphasis in organizational psychology and cultural studies (2000), a Juris Doctorate from the University of Victoria (2005) as well as a Masters of Law in administrative and constitutional law from Osgoode Law School (2016) where she also completed the certificate program in Administrative Tribunal and Board Adjudication.

Prior to joining forces with Gary Caroline in 2007, Joanna worked in-house at a major public sector union. She has also worked at a boutique law firm specializing in aboriginal law and as a legal advocate for people living in poverty.

Before her career in law, Joanna was manager of the Political Science and Women’s Studies departments at the University of California, Irvine where she also served as a mediator, sexual harassment advisor and staff advocate.

She has also been a waitress, a secretary, a fork-lift driver and a baker.  Joanna has served on several non-profit boards including the Fahmy Foundation for a Free Press and is currently proud to serve on the Board of Pivot Legal Society.

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