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All of our clients are committed to making the world a better place.

We are proud to support them in the work that they do.

We represent public and private sector unions, progressive organizations and companies, groups seeking systemic change as well as individuals.

“I asked Gary and Joanna to assist our union as we looked for ways to improve our union’s servicing model and make recommendations on how we could better serve the needs of our members. Their advice and understanding of the needs of our organization has been key in making our transition successful.” Ivan Limpright, President, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1518

“This shout out goes to the law firm of Caroline Law. Can’t thank you enough for all that your law firm has done for me and my colleagues. The care and compassion you all have demonstrated towards us has been above and beyond. Thank you…” Bruce Germyn, survivor of Lakeland mill explosion

“Gary Caroline and Joanna Gislason are very compassionate, caring individuals, utilizing their extensive knowledge and professionalism to defend working men and women.  I respect Gary and Joanna. I admire their work ethic. I place great value on the insightful advice they take the time to share.  I would and do recommend Gary and Joanna to anyone in need of help or advice regarding labour law.” – Lori Sali, Business Manager, CGWU Local 180

“Gary Caroline and Joanna Gislason are the lawyers you need to overcome injustice. More than simply brilliant lawyers, they will fight for you with fearlessness, heart and vision. I have seen first-hand the result – legal systems forced open to the idea of protecting the human rights of those outside the power elite.” – Adrian Dix, MLA, Vancouver-Kingsway, Minister of Health

“Caroline Law is a highly competent legal firm with a strong commitment to social justice. I am so grateful for Gary and Joanna’s help in my battle to force the Federal Government to give regular Canadians a stronger voice in the national oil pipeline approval process.” – Kennedy Stewart, MP, Burnaby-Douglas

“I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with Gary and Joanna for 8 plus years. Their knowledge and professionalism has shaped me as a Union Leader. I am happy to call them my legal counsel as well as my friends!” – Colin Daniels, Business Manager, Iron Workers Local 771 (Saskatchewan)

“It is completely overwhelming to be in a situation with an employer where you need to find legal representation. Joanna was amazing – she was compassionate, knowledgeable and gave me the confidence and strength to resolve a very emotional and hurtful workplace incident in a way where I came out no longer feeling like a victim.” – Individual employment law client

“Considering a human rights complaint against one’s employer can be daunting. With the expert and considerate legal advice provided by Caroline Law, I was able to carefully address the issue with my employer, and over a period of time, reach an amicable resolution. At all times during the process, I felt in control of the process, yet not alone. This is what legal support should be like.” – Individual human rights client

“Joanna is an invaluable asset to any organization looking for a litigator, a trainer or wise counsel to manage complex human rights issues. I trust her judgment and appreciate the high quality legal work she has done for our union.” – Mark Keserich, Former President, ILWU Local 500

“Gary Caroline and Joanna Gisalson came recommended from trusted media gurus and friends while I languished in an Egyptian prison on the other side of the globe. I trusted their approach from day one as we established a unique transatlantic method of communication to fight the bogus terrorism charges I faced in Egypt, and the crippling bureaucracy of Mr. Harper’s government–using their extraordinary contacts and wise legal rebuttals. Their expertise in the areas of human rights and international affairs came as a lifeline as we battled for my exoneration in what had become a geopolitical vendetta between Egypt and Qatar, the owner of the Al Jazeera network, my former employer. It’s rare nowadays to find lawyers who also bring a sense of compassion, and place the benefits of their client above all.” – Mohamed Fahmy

“Over the last three years we at COPE 378 have come to depend on the excellent advice and service of Caroline Law.

Caroline Law helped us defend our ICBC members’ pensions, not once but twice: first at the B.C. Supreme Court, then at the Court of Appeal. They argued the case on behalf of our trustees persuasively and won. From this position of strength, we were able to negotiate a solution with ICBC that preserved our members’ benefits and actually improved the pension plan for everyone.

As Radica Consulting, Gary Caroline and Joanna Gislason undertook an organizational audit of our union. In the audit they reviewed not only our procedures and governance, but also our culture, and made insightful suggestions to spur healthy, member-driven change.

Caroline Law have taken the time to truly understand our organization, which has made their keen strategic advice all the more effective.” – David Black, President, COPE 378